Knife 7 – Small EDC / Small Game Knife

Knife 7 – Small EDC / Small Game Knife

I really like this style knife. It’s easy to make (relatively speaking) and fun to use. I carried a knife like this for a long time.

This knife is made from 1/8” 1080 steel with Cocobolo scales. The pins are brass. I choose 1080 because of it’s simplistic qualities. As I said in “My Journey into Bladesmithing” my recommendation for the first few knives is start with a few pieces of known steel.

When you’re just beginning to make knifes, this style is great. A simple design, but fully functional. There is some elegance in the simplicity. This style knife can be made in many different sizes as well, making it even more versatile.

The edge geometry is also easy to work whether you’re working it by hand or with power tools.  It’s simple enough make even with a handheld grinder.

Hand Sanding

This is a great knife style to begin hand sanding on. All you need is a piece of scrape hardwood about 12” long and 1 ½” to 2” wide. Wrap the sandpaper around the wood and hold it with you thumb and finger. I typically begin sanding with 80 or 100 grit. Progress through the grits. At 600 grit you’ll start to see some “polish”. You can sand through 3000 grit if that is the desired look or you can stop at any point you think you’ve reached what you like.

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