Knife 8 – Riggers Knife / Sheep’s Point

This Knife 8 – Riggers Knife / Sheep’s Point with a sheep’s foot design is made from 1/8” 1080 high carbon. This knife is similar to Knife 10 – Riggers Knife / Sheep’s Foot

I struggled with the plunge line at this point. My grinder was not variable speed yet and I was determined to use it beyond my skill level. This knife came out well, but I would have saved myself a lot of work if I had switched to hand sanding earlier (or made sure my grinder was variable speed).

Being able to slow down the belt speed greatly enhances ones ability to “feel” the grind and helps avoid mistakes. It also makes mistakes much smaller and easier to fix. Lastly, when a small mistake happens it forces you to regain focus.

I was also using belts I bought of the internet but not from a reputable knife maker supplier. Good belts make a pretty big difference. I strongly recommend you try different kinds of belts and find one that fits your style.

This is a great mid level design for a newer knife maker. It adds a few components like a racasso and a choil. Being a sheep’s foot design it simplifies grinding a bit since you do not have the curve in the bevel to worry about.

The sheepsfoot blade Sheep’s Foot is traditionally a sailor’s knife. The sheep’s foot blade allows a rope to be cut on the deck without skinned knuckles and the sheep’s foot stopped a sailor from stabbing another (or himself I suppose) in rough seas and on board an unstable surface .

This style knife is a good kitchen knife and a good everyday carry (EDC). It works well around a camp as well. It can be made thinner in the kitchen style or heavier for a camp style knife.


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