Wooden Lined Knife Sheath

I decided to make a Wooden Lined Knife Sheath for my Kephart EDC. This is how I did it:

I marked out the blade on a piece of 1/4″ beach
I used a utility knife to cut the border. There are definitely other ways to do this, but the knife was handy.
Then, using the knife and a hook knife i hollowed out for the blade.
Next I used the belt grinder to profile the lining.
I fitted the knife. I wanted just enough room
I then cut a new piece of 7-9 oz leather
I wet it. I just dunked it in the bucket to make it wet.
I then formed it around the liner
I made these blocks that i keep in my leather kit. They’re just small blocks with the corners eased so they don’t make tracks in the leather when I clamp them down to stretch and form the leather.
Then, starting from the bottom o used an awl to push through and sew the liner in.
I kept using my thumb to form and stretch the leather around the liner.
I got tired of the “one at a time awl” and switched to the stitching punches.
I’ve found the easiest way to get these back out is hold something solid beside them and wiggle the back out. Using a piece of soft wood as a backer helps as well.
Once it was sewn, I cut the outside profile as you see. I ground the edge and smoothed the edge on the belt grinder, sanding up to 600 grit. The I edged the edges using a leather edger.. A coat of light brown stain tops it off.
Now a coat of neatsfoot oil and let it dry over night.

Completed the Wooden Lined Knife Sheath by adding a belt loop with a chicago screw. This will allow it to be removed or changed if needed.


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