Leg Bone MUK Knife

The Muk knife is named after George Washington Sears (Nessmuk) (December 2, 1821 – May 1, 1890)), who made it popular when he wrote “Woodcraft”, an article published in Forest and Stream Publishing Company, New York, in 1920 and republished by Dover Publication Inc. in 1963. (click were to Continue reading the history here–>)

I’m still using this heat treating method –>

Grinding the bevel was done by hand on my belt grinder–>  Here is the grinding technique–>

It was sharpened on my DIY sharpener–>

I haven’t made a knife in a while, but I got a request for a full tang MUK  Knife without any scales. The future recipient wanted to add his own scales. So I made this:



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