Knife 4 – Broken clip point – I tried Straightening After Quench

Straightening a Custom Made Knife after Heat Treating

As you can see, this knife didn’t work out so well. I certainly should have known better, but you simply cannot bend a knife like this after it’s been heat treated.

Lesson learned!

It’s possible to Straightening After Quench. Immediately after hardening, while the blade is still warm to the touch, it is remarkably flexible. After a while that goes away and you have a hard, brittle blade.  See page 48 for more straightening tips.

See Straightening a Custom Made Knife after Heat Treating

Design Note: The clip point blade and the drop point blade are the common types of hunting knives other than the skinner. The clip point knife is versatile enough to be used for general camp chores and specialized hunting jobs, including field dressing and skinning. This is a good all-around knife. The drop point knife is often considered a specialized hunting knife. It’s used to dress the animal and skin it, but shouldn’t be used to cut rope or twigs, or do other general camping-related chores. The drop point is designed to use the entire blade when skinning. Using the entire blade not only speeds up the process but reduces the risk of damaging the meat. Because it doesn’t have a distinct point, you’re less likely to tear into the meat while you’re skinning the animal.

As a hunting knife, A Clip Point style of knife is great for the occasional hunter. It has a defined point on the end and will perform all the tasks needed for the occasional hunter. The clip point style blade will do everything that the drop point will do but it may just take you longer to do it with the clip point as the point is not as strong as the drop point.

Why I let this happen I’m not sure. It would have been an easy fix before it was epoxied into the handle


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