Knife 20 – Santoku Chef’s Knife

Knife 20 – Santoku Chef’s Knife

A Santoku is a multipurpose kitchen knife of Japanese origin that has a lightweight blade with a straight or slightly curved cutting edge and a spine that curves downward to the tip.

This knife is made from 3/32” 1095 Steel.

Cocobolo scales. Cocobolo is a hard, dense, oily wood, making it a good choice for a kitchen knife.  The wood has natural oils to resist the moist environment. Anything in the Rosewood family is a classic material for wood handles.

1/8” Brass pins

A Saya is a wooden sheath or case. This one is made from spalted beech. The wood was cooked for 2 hours at 140 degrees to ensure any residences still in the wood were taken care of.

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