Knife 3 – Utility Type Knife from a File

Knife 3 – Utility Type Knife from a File

At first I though “This knife could probably use a little more bevel. Maybe it needs a ricasso and probably a choil but after doing this for a while i realized some knife designs have these attributes intentionally.

Some knives (like a Puukko or a carving knife) is actually designed to the blade is sharpened right up to the guard. The thought being when carving, the most force comes from the closest spot ahead of the handle. And, since the ricasso on a modern knife is basically just for looks, it’s a matter of personal preference whether or not it should be there.


The chiol makes a nice stopping point for sharpening, but is by no means a requirement. It does make a knife a little easier to sharpen and it serves as a visual termination for the blade, but in cutting, it serves no other purpose.

With a shallow bevel, the edge should be a bit stronger, so it will stay sharper longer. The drawback is it will not be as sharp. It’s a trade of in the design. Both ways are right, it depends on the use of the knife. Not every knife needs to be scary sharp to perform it’s intended purpose.

Design Note: Wearing gloves works best with a longer and thinner handle. Remember that an eighth-inch difference in handle diameter means approximately a 3/8-inch difference in circumference.

Knife 3 – Utility Type Knife from a File

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