Knife 2 – Leaf Spring Camp Knife


Knife 2 is another attempt at turning a leaf spring into a knife. This was strictly stock removal with an angle grinder. Then some filing and hand sanding.

It is quite thick and very heavy. It came out quite decent for a heavy knife. It would work as a knife for splitting kindling and other camp chores. Constant smacking with a mallet or chunk of firewood will not harm it. It still takes and hold an edge, so it will be a good edge tool. It was good practice. I used the same heat treatment as here.

I’d love to say I made this knife as a heavy camp or Bush Craft type knife. But the truth is, I really didn’t plan it that way, it just came out that way.

It will work as a skinning knife as well, although it will be a little heavy. Chopping through bone with some mallet persuasion does not scare it at all.

It’s just some added proof you do not need a lot of tools or equipment to make a useful knife.

The sheath is a little crude, but certainly serviceable. It was made with some recycled leather and not very many leather working tools at all. You will see my leather working skills today are much better than when this knife was made. Not only has the practice helped, I’ve acquired additional tools that help as well.


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