Knife 18 – Small Skinner with Cocobolo Scales

Knife 18 – Small Skinner with Cocobolo Scales was made from a left-over piece of 1084 steel. The Cocobolo scales were scraps sent to me from a woodworker who was going to throw them away.

  • The Blade is 2 3/4″” long. Over all it’s 5 3/4″.
  • Weight 4.4 ozs
  • Hand rubbed Tru-oil finish

This is a great small game knife and as a detail knife for larger game.

Design Note: A Skinning  knife is designed mainly for skinning but can perform the jobs of the clip point and drop point as well.

A skinning knife is a knife used to skin game. Typically a skinning knife has wide, short blade. The edge is strong and does not have much flexibility or spring. Skinning knives are more a hunting tool than a weapon.

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