Knife 13, 14, 15 and 16 – Kiridashi

Knife 13, 14, 15 and 16 – Kiridashi

A Kiridashi is a Japanese style knife usually used as a woodworking marking knife or carving knife. The name ‘Kiridashi’ means ‘to carve out’ in Japanese.

This first one was made at the request of a friend. These are made from 1/8” 1080 steel. Since they are typically made as left or right-handed, the bevel is on one side, sometimes the Kiridashi is amde in a set.

I beveled these with the jig. Finial sanding was done by hand and sharpened after heat treating.

They have a somewhat simple design and are a good knife for a beginner to make. They are small and portable and a great knife for any toolbox.

To make these knives I used the grinding jig for the bevel. The large choil (I’m not sure this term is being used technically correct, but it’s close) was done on the belt grinder. I try to design my knives based on the equipment I have to simplify the builds.

A few added holes in the tang are topically done to lighten the knife, help the epoxy grab, and even the balance, but in this case its for looks and add some grip to the handle.

knife 14 15 082219 2 kiridashi
knife 14 15 082219 2 kiridashi

Knife 16 – With Cocobolo Scales – Kiridashi

Same as 13, 14 and 15, with the exception of having scales added. These scales are made from cocobolo. The nice thing about this is the size. A small piece of wood can be used for the scales. This was also made at a request. The cocobolo scales with ¼” brass pins made a very nice looking knife that is fairly easy to make. Adding the Knife handle — Option 1 was used to add the scales with a minor difference. Because the tang is reveled all the way around, the edged of the scales were completed and the scales were sanded to about 90%. Final sanding was done after the pins were ground down.

The cocobolo scales were made from a few small scraps sent to me from a fellow woodworker.


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